change of plan for the scan man

10 08 2009

Today was originally SUPPOSED to be the follow up 2nd set of MRI’s (brain & lungs), plus the 2nd bone scan. The gist being, to compare with the first sets to see if/how/etc the radation/chemo is affecting things (or not). However, with this cellulitis/airway crisis lately, that’s off the table (or so I’ve gathered from the nurses and the chart).

“Dr. Cousin” is coming to visit her later today. She’s burying her mother-in-law today, so it’s plain crapola for her. From the few stories I’ve heard, momma-in-law was a fun lady in her own right–

Sibling is expected to make a visit this afternoon too.

Right now they’ve taken her for a CT of her neck to see about that airway and how the cellulitis itself is doing. So far this morning, she’s been sleeping. Heck, I don’t blame her a bit, sleeping in on a Monday sounds just fine to me too.




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