being psychic sure would come in handy

9 08 2009

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be saved as a draft but somehow I posted it afterall. It’s just far harder to post when you think there’s a decline. As of today, Sunday the 9th, she seems to be doing a bit better.

From today, Sunday 8/9:

Not really opening the eyes, but she’s definitely more responsive. She heard my voice outside and the eyebrows went straight up onto her forehead and the arms started, so I came on in. She’s responding really well with Yes/No nods to some simple questions. Mostly to let her know I’m here, some of the progress she’s making, asking if she’s OK for pain meds (yes), and comfortable, but tired. Her vitals are still good, about the same, and her urine is still tea colored, but not like deeply steeped tea but more like normal iced tea.

As for airway, lungs strong, but there’s still too much swelling to take the tube out. She’s tolerating it better today than she has though. Anyone coming into her room has to wear the yellow gown since there’s a bit of MRSA in her sputum. That’s not unusual for folks on vents for several days though, or so I’m told. Just extra precautions.

Communications clearly remain much to be desired. The docs STILL have not signed the order to let me view the chart, despite that I can get a copy from downstairs. (this logic escapes me, and the nurses) No big stink, but since it’s a simple request that’s been pending for 4 days and with no docs communicating directly  it may be time for a *phone call* tomorrow, ala cousin and her connection to the hospital.

Still no definitive answer about when/if there will be further MRI’s as far as the cancer in the brain/lung go, but I did find out (from the nurse of course, they’re great) that there is indeed another CT of her neck scheduled for tomorrow anyway.

Being psychic sure would come in handy, with her and with the docs, either way.




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