nodders, and logic

7 08 2009

More progress!

She’s nodding Yes and No to questions when she’s not sleeping.  they’re removing the tube here shortly (while visiting hours are closed) so she’ll likely be a little sore, but much relieved, when I see her next this afternoon. Might still be sleepy, but we’ll see.

As for logic, well, that’s another story:

Fact 1: I have medical proxy. Fact 2: I have Power of Attorney. Fact 3: a copy of both is front page on her chart. Fact 4: I can go down to Medical Records anytime and get a copy of her chart.

Here’s the logic puzzle: I can’t read her chart standing there unless a doctor writes in there that I can.


Even mother nodded a big YES to the absurdity of that.




One response

8 08 2009

I believe it’s not logic, but rather liability/legal issues that prompt this seemingly odd rule…

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