6 08 2009

Ujayii: victorious breath.

She’s indeed off the vent. Keeping the tubes there until tomorrow morning, to make sure she’s strong enough to cough out stuff, if anything gets in her lungs. She’s breathing on her own (and strongly, I might add) since 8:30a this morning.

Still sleepy/sedated, but nodding yes and gripping hand when not sleeping. Still working on getting the eyes opened, but that’s probably just hangover from meds still. Two of her friends came to visit, and we had a nice coffee & chat before they left to go back home. When I came back to the room, I asked her did she know that P was here, and I got a big nod “yes” in response.

She’s constantly tryng to straighten her gown and sheets. Kinda like a nervous tick or something. Makes me grin.




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