16 08 2009

timing & such

16 08 2009

Dates & times, etc are finalized.

Viewing/visitation: Monday at 6p. Turpin.

Services: Tuesday at 2p. Zion Lutheran. Family gathering prior to services at 11:30a. (Call us for where if you don’t know already.)

Sunday and Monday we’ll be at mother’s house, just dropping in and out.

Everyone’s been asking about what charities. You guys already well know how she couldn’t help but feed people. It’s what she did. With that in mind, we thought these suggestions would fit that spirit: Angel Food Ministries, Heifer International, or any local food bank.

And thanks to all the hens that came out last night. My bones are feeling remarkably strong today.

plans still pending

14 08 2009

Services: The visitation and funeral plans are still pending, our expectation is that viewing will be Monday and that the funeral service and burial will be Tuesday. We expect to have that confirmed tomorrow.

Charities: There have also been a lot of questions about which charities in lieu of flowers, (which the kindness and generosity in just the questions alone is already overwhelmingly amazing), for now we’re also finalizing the details for WHICH charities.

Thanks for the patience in the meantime, and keep watching for updates here, as well as in the local hometown papers once things are finalized in the near future.

For tonight though, look squarely at the person (or fur-baby) next to you right in the hairy eyeballs, and give ’em a big hug and a kiss. For you, for them, for us, and for Madame Queen herself.


14 08 2009

Lots of support here.

She’s at peace.

for those of you not already aware

14 08 2009

As a courtesy reminder for those of you who have recently joined us on this blog journey, and as a favor to her herself, please remember to keep her and us anonymous.

Absolutely please DO continue to keep the comments coming, they do mean so much to us and all the family. To be clear, we’re not requesting that you not use your own names, but please do refrain from using hers and ours.

Thanks for all the great support, and thanks in advance for helping with this small request.

"Mr. Geauxgirl"

What a gift—

13 08 2009

We did indeed meet the end-stage M.D. today. She’s absolutely fantastic already, even with the limited opportunities in today’s schedule, we have a more formal (if you want to call it that) meeting with her tomorrow morning.

She’ll be great help to get mother the attention and type of care and comfort for the bit of time she DOES have left. What an incredible gift.


13 08 2009

Walking into your patient’s ICU room to be greeted by five more sets of eyeballs and ears than normal must be an interesting sight. Particularly at 6 a.m.

Nevertheless, we got all 3 docs in succession. Oncologist, ENT, plus pulmonologist too. Oncologist had still not compared new MRI to old, so I whipped out that handy-dandy CD copy I had on me again. He took it with him to give to the radiologist.

I called his cell again at 11 a.m. to allow time for that comparison, and we’ve got the official word that our initial impression of the MRI last night IS correct, and that we’re indeed in the comfort-care-planning stage.

He’s referring us to a different M.D. that specializes in end-state planning. We’ll meet with her sometime today.

If not, we’re well trained in the art of stalking.

answers schmanswers

12 08 2009

Comparing the new MRI to the old one (thank heavens I have a copy of the old one on CD WITH me), shows that the cancer really has NOT responded to the full course of radiation nor the 2 chemo’s.

The answer clearly SUCKS, but it makes the decision tree far simpler. (Yeah, I’m grasping at straws for the silver lining here, that’s my best effort.) There’s no need to continue fighting the cancer itself, but rather focus on quality for what she’s got left with much emphasis on comfort care in particular.

The medical team (pulmonology folks, oncology folks, etc) are all working to get her airway stable enough to move her to a hospice area within the hospital, so she’ll be heaps more comfortable and we can all gather around to support her with less restrictions.

Then again, she might be happier without us in her face all the time!

A left turn at Albuquerque?

12 08 2009

(that’s a Warner Brothers cartoon reference if you didn’t already catch it, mother would be proud)


Doing MRI on brain (and maybe lungs) this afternoon, likely within the hour. This will help everyone better know what path she’s on. She’s still driving, we just don’t know what map she’s using.

The battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys is now down to a small scirmish. It’s amazing the difference a few well-placed phone calls can make.

Hospice clarification

12 08 2009

To clarify, we mean about the hospice floor within the existing hospital rather than in hometown or house.

Sorry for the unintended confusion, and thanks for the help thus far—